Reindeer Drawings Kindergarten Art

This year I have found myself teaching art to two kindergarten classrooms. When I was asked to teach art I thought “sure, why not! I love crafts.” However, that it has not been the case. I have found out quickly that when you only have students once a week for 40 minutes it is almost impossible to do all the kindergarten crafts you did when you were a full time teacher

I am so very thankful that there are amazing art teachers on TpT. I have to give a huge shout out to First and Kinder Blue Skies! She has a wonderful Directed Drawing for the Entire School Year that has saved me!

This week for Christmas we did her reindeer directed drawing from her resource and they turned out incredible! We used oil pastels and colored construction paper. I am surprised how well these students do in art for only being 5 and 6!

Marlie Rosenberg

Away in the Manger Craft

My students finished up their Away in the Manger Crafts this week in art. This is one of my favorite craftivitities with the kinders. It is a simple and quick prep lesson for anyone who works in a christian based school.

The following are pictures from last years class when I was a full time kindergarten teacher

In these pictures I was able to work in mall groups during centers and more time (hence the glitter.) 

Look at those little sneaky photo bombs! Top right and bottom left

Away in the manger craft - free
Away in the Manger Craft – Free

These pictures are from this year.

In these pictures I had to organize the craftivity to do as a whole group since I am only with each kindergarten class for 45 minutes a week. You can see the difference between the art work. The current kindergarten teacher is planning on adding glitter during their center time.

You can download this craft for free with my Nativity Freebie

Marlie Rosenberg

5 Free Winter Favorites

Here is another list of 5 new and FREE resources perfect for any early elementary classroom.

If you are looking for a number sense activity with ten frames than you must download this product by Teaching 1st with Mrs. P Students practice their number sense with a fun winter theme ten frames. 
The Speech Whisperer has this great vocabulary pack for winter. I use vocabulary cards in my classroom daily for writing inspiration. 
In the winter, every teacher needs some great indoor recess activities. Grab this coloring freebie from The Frugal Homeschooling Mom. Students follow directed coloring on each page. This is a great way to help students learn to read their color words.
Like the above product, this is another great recourse to have on hand when students are stuck inside. My students have always loved playdough and when I can find a great (free) resources to help them learn while they play than its a winner! Grab this freebie from Lodrew
The last freebie for this post is from Moonlight Crafter by Bridget. This pack includes easy and ready resources for you to use with your students during a snow day. If you are in an area that does not have snow days, or an area like me (Salt Lake City) that refuses to ever call a snow day use this pack after reading The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. 

Check out the Winter Freebies in my store!

What are some of your favorite winter activities you do in your classroom?
Marlie Rosenberg

Winter Olympics

Ski Jumping Qualifiers

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.K.5 With guidance and support from adults, respond to questions and suggestions from peers and add details to strengthen writing as needed.

I am lucky enough to live close to one of the locations for the Olympic Qualifiers and was able to attend the Ski Jumping Qualifiers for both men and women at Olympic Park in Park City. After spending the day scaling, and yes I mean scaling, the snowy hills to reach the top of Olympic Park I became inspired to incorporate the Winter Olympics into my classroom. I have decided that this will be a great opportunity to encourage my students to participate in current events.

Here are some ways I will be using the 2014 Winter Olympics to encourage my kindergarten students to participate in current events.

Students will be assigned a country

I have 25 students and we will be focusing on 11 countries. They will be in groups of 2 or 3. I will assign the following 10 countries to the students while assigning the United States to the whole class. These countries have been the top performing countries in the games. 
~United Kingdom
~South Korea
They will be encouraged to ask their parents, watch the news, or research any way they are able to keep up with the medal winnings of their country. We will graph the progress of our countries on a bulletin board by placing gold, silver, and bronze medals to represent how many they have won.

Winter Olympic Crafts:

The students will be creating the country they were assigned to flag for a flag banner. I found this great idea from ( We will hang these in our classroom for a fun decoration

The students will also create some fun winter sports pictures. You can see an example here (Activity Village). I will allow the students to create any winter sport picture they want.

Winter Olympic Videos

I have just subscribed to They will be updating short clips and highlights from the games. I will be showing clips in the afternoon after our silent reading time.

Country Research Journals

This one I am most excited about. This will help cover some of the more tricky Common Core Standards. This activity will cover the following CCSS:

·       CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.K.6 With guidance and support from adults, explore a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with peers.
       CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.K.7 Participate in shared research and writing projects (e.g., explore a number of books by a favorite author and express opinions about them).
·       CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.K.8 With guidance and support from adults, recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer a question.
My higher achieving students will be assigned mini country research journals instead of their assigned reading for two weeks. They will spend their guided reading time researching on our schools mobile iPad lab. The parents have been notified because this research journal will need lots of parent involvement at home. They had the option to opt into the research group, or to remain in their guided reading groups.
The students who will be working on this assignment are already reading at a first or second grade level. I do not recommend a journal this intense for average kindergarten students. 
The students will have 10 research questions they will have to answer over the period of the olympics. They will have a mini presentation on their country on the Tuesday following the ending ceremonies. 

I will update this blog post with photos of students work once they have completed their journals. 

St. Nicholas Freebie ~ Crafts

Make a shoe box for St. Nicholas to leave treats!

In many places St. Nicholas is the main gift giver. His feast daySt. Nicholas Day, is December 6, which falls early in the Advent season. Some places he arrives in the middle of November and moves about the countryside, visiting schools and homes to find out if children have been good. Other places he comes in the night and finds carrots and hay for his horse or donkey along with children’s wish lists. Small treats are left in shoes or stockings so the children will know he has come. (St. Nicholas Center)

Print off the shoe coloring page

cut on the dotted lines and color the shoe

Fold on the solid lines

This is what it will look like from the inside
Fold the flaps inside the shoe box
Place glue on the triangles and glue them to the sides of the shoe box

You can have your students leave them on their desks or cubbies on the night of the 5th. Fill them with candy canes or other small gifts to celebrate St. Nicholas! 

Free Winter Products

Here are some of my products that I created when I first started TpT. After almost a year of working on products I’ve decided to make my initial products free since they are not living up to the same level of quality as my current products.

These products are not my best work; however they are FREE!

You can find my winter products free here!

You can check out all my other free products here:

Winter Printables and Worksheets ~ Secular

I have finished my Just Hit “Print” winter pack! 
There are over 80 worksheets that you can use to spice up your winter unit. All of these worksheets are secular and non-religious. 
In this pack you will find over 85 worksheets that will fit perfectly with any winter unit. You can use these worksheets as morning work, bell ringers, homework, review, enrich, and so much more!

Math concepts covered in this winter pack:

~Number ordering from smallest to largest and largest to smallest (6 pages)
~Fill in the missing number 100s chart worksheets (5 pages)
~Roll and color worksheet for centers
~Ordinal numbers (2 pages)
~Number words (5 worksheets)
~Number sentences adding and subtracting within 10 (3 pages)
~Fill in the missing number snowballs. 1 worksheet for each group of 10 (10 pages) and 2 worksheets that vary
~adding 1 and subtracting one missing number snowballs (10 worksheets)
~10 frame counting (3 pages)
~Fill in the missing numbers in January and December calendars with craft idea

English Language Art concepts covered in this winter pack:

~Beginning sounds for winter words and winter clothes (2 worksheets)
~Medial short vowel worksheets for all short vowels (5 pages)
~Writing Rhyming words (4 pages)
~Winter Word Search
~Winter Clothing Word Search
~7 journaling pages with writing prompts

Other concepts covered in this winter pack:
~Winter/Summer clothing sort worksheet
~Winter/Summer activity sort worksheet
~Winter clothes/Summer clothes venn diagram
~Winter activities/Summer activities venn diagram
~Coloring pages for early finishers (5 pages)