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Reindeer Drawings Kindergarten Art

This year I have found myself teaching art to two kindergarten classrooms. When I was asked to teach art I thought “sure, why not! I love crafts.” However, that it has not been the case. I have found out quickly that when you only have students once a week for 40 minutes it is almost impossible to do all the kindergarten crafts you did when you were a full time teacher

I am so very thankful that there are amazing art teachers on TpT. I have to give a huge shout out to First and Kinder Blue Skies! She has a wonderful Directed Drawing for the Entire School Year that has saved me!

This week for Christmas we did her reindeer directed drawing from her resource and they turned out incredible! We used oil pastels and colored construction paper. I am surprised how well these students do in art for only being 5 and 6!

Marlie Rosenberg

5 Free & New ELA Christmas Resources for K-1

Here is a great resources from Two Pease in a Primary Pond. These are great quick print papers for your class. Students write about what presents they would like the most. There is also a picture sorting worksheet with one boy and one girl. 
This resources comes from ABCs and IEPs. There are 12 ready to print cards for your students to decorate for the holidays. You can also use these as a writing activity to practice letter writing.
This next freebie comes from Unforgettable First Grade. This is a great recourse to help students practice matching CVC words with cute stockings! 
I know my kindergarten students love any and all write the room centers! This one is free from Elizabeth Kallert. Visit her store for this great center.
My kindergarten students have a tricky time with Alphabetical order so this is a great product for them! Students build Christmas puzzles by alphabetizing Christmas vocabulary.  Grab this freebie from Miss Beck.
Marlie Rosenberg

5 Free Hibernation Resources

Hibernation is one of my favorite units in kindergarten. Here are some NEW and FREE resources from new sellers that will fit perfectly in your classroom! 
Product Description: Animals in Winter yoga brain break can be used independently as a science mini-lesson about animals that migrate, hibernate, and forage for food in the winter. It also goes along with the book Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft and Richard G. Van Gelder, and can be used as a story sequence and vocabulary review.  The Boardmaker pictures can be easily displayed on an interactive white board or document camera and are appropriate and accessible for students of varying abilities and with multiple grade levels. This first resource comes from Spoonful of Love and Learning. In my opinion, we always need more brain breaks! Especially in the winter when recess can be foiled by the weather. Help your students relax and unwind with fun yoga poses with hibernating animals. 

o create the game pieces you will need to follow steps.  1 Make the category jugs by attaching the Hibernation Toss and Sort Category Cards to the jugs. I used some jugs that I had from candy last Halloween.  2 Cut out and hole-punch the Hibernation Toss and Sort Fact Cards. Use the yarn to tie them to the balls. I found and used plastic golf practice balls because they are light weight and have holes that I can tie the yarn through.  When you are done with these 2 steps you should be ready to play!This next resources comes from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom Shop. This is a great way to learn hibernating facts with a fun toss game. I will be passing this resource on to my higher grade friends. This product would be perfect for 2nd or 3rd grade. 
I am currently teaching kindergarten art and P.E. thi year. This video will be used this winter in my art class for sure! I think I enjoy teaching hibernation because bears are one of my favorite animals. This video is fromPatty Fernandez Artist. This store is filled with great directed drawing videos!

This resources is for all those ECE teachers out there! I love puppet stories and play time with those 4 and 5 year olds! This is a great lesson from Suzette’s Puppets. She is new to the TpT community, make sure to show her some love with positive feedback on this freebie!
This last resource fits perfectly with the new NGSS standards on animal adaptations. The NGSS standard i’m speaking of is for 3rd grade (NGSS.3-LS4-3) Thanks, Cara Baldree for this awesome free resource! 
If you are looking for a kindergarten-first grade friendly unit with printables and great centers check out one of my best selling units on Hibernation! My mentees will use all of these resources this year and I am excited to see how they will adapt the crafts and centers to this new group of kindergarteners! 
Marlie Rosenberg

Thanksgiving Favorites

5 New Thanksgiving Freebies to Check Out

TpT Products for Thanksgiving

These are some new and FREE products I just love that would fit perfectly in your k-1 classroom.

Love this poem from the Curious Hippo

Turkey Sight Words from Eye Popping Fun Resources

This adorable craft from Little Kinder Bears

I LOVE this song and this book is great from Mrs. Perez

This science STEM project is great! I love adding S.T.E.M. in my classroom – From the STREAM Team

Here is my favorite Thanksgiving Freebie from my store

What are some of your favorite new and free items on TpT lately? 

Hibernating Hedgehog Craft

Hibernations is one of my favorite units to teach to my students. The students love learning about all the different hibernating animals. One of my favorite activities is making hibernating hedgehogs.

The students made these awesome hedgehogs out of clay and sticks. They formed balls of clay and placed sticks to represent the hedgehog quills. The clay was made by a parent for volunteering hours following these instructions and the sticks were collected by a parent as well. The poem is from my Hibernations Centers

After we made the hedgehogs, we let them sit out for two days to completely dry. The students then painted their hedgehogs and glued in their eyes. The students LOVED making their hedgehogs!

Here is what the hedgehogs look like when they are finished, well almost finished. This is my hedgehog missing an eye!

Tricks and Treat Blog Hop

Welcome to Tricks & Treats Blog Hop!

I am extremely excited to be participating in this Tricks and Treat Blog Hop. There are so many fantastic sellers participating. I am going to keep this short and sweet.

For my Trick:

I have been trying to find the best way to store my clip boards. I use my clip boards for numerous activities in my classroom. I was scratching my head trying to find the perfect way to make them accessible, and have them stored in an easy to grab place.

Most of the items I purchase for my classroom, as well as, my personal life comes from Amazon. I love my Amazon Prime membership! If you use Amazon you will know that once your oder items, it tracks your purchases and gives you suggestions. I was looking on Amazon and purchasing items for around my kitchen. The next week, Amazon suggested several kitchen items from their store that I might want. Well… right there on my homepage was exactly what I was searching for to store my clipboards!

 I purchased 4 of these dish drying racks and I couldn’t be happier! I now have my clipboards in an easy grab location and each clipboard has a spot to sit.

For my *Treat*

I have two treats to give away for this blog hop. I have one of my favorite activities I have to use with my clipboards ~ Write the Room Centers! I am making my Fall Write the Room center free for the duration of this blog hop.

Click this image for Fall Write the Room

I am also hosting a giveaway for a 15$ gift card to Amazon so you can purchase a rack and try it out in your classroom!

Click this picture to bring you to the giveaway!

To enter this giveaway, visit my Facebook. Click the “Giveaway”tab to enter to win a 15$ gift card!

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Let’s Work Together!

I am a contributing teacher author for  Who’s Who and Who’s New blog hop and i’m so excited to share some of my ideas for building a classroom community.

Building a strong sense of community can really make a difference in your classroom. A common phrase we say with our students is “Create the community you want to live in” and I am a strong believer that children who have a strong sense of community in their classroom have a higher level of respect. They respect one another, as well as, their surroundings.

It is not uncommon for teachers to have classroom jobs. Most teachers have some sort of classroom job/classroom helper bulletin board in their rooms. I, like most teachers have one of these bulletin boards. I have “Jungle Jobs” for my students.

My “Jungle Jobs” are just like most jobs you will find in a kindergarten classroom. We have our “messengers” our “pencil sharpeners” our “line leaders” etc.

We all know that by giving student’s jobs it helps build their sense of responsibility and self worth. When I first started teaching, I struggled with assigning jobs to everyone so the entire class can cooperate together. This year I will start “Animal Jobs” where each student will have a job that corresponds with their table/group.

Having each student have a job throughout the day helps build a sense of community among the classroom. Students take pride in their jobs and also respect our classroom. By giving jobs, like sweeping and wiping down tables, students gain a sense of community with the feeling of “we are all in this together.” From my experience, once i’ve implemented table jobs, students cared more about their personal space, as well as, encouraged other students to respect our classroom.

How my Animal Jobs work:

My classroom is set up in four tables with five or six students at each table. My tables are classified by colors.

  • Orange Iguanas
  • Blue Barracudas
  • Green Monkeys
  • Red Jaguars. 

If any of your grew up in the 90s you’ll know those are names from Legends of the Hidden Temple. For short reference with the kids I call them by their colors.

Each chair at the table has an animal in the corresponding color box.

  • Tiger
  • Lion
  • Rhino
  • Monkey
  • Giraffe
  • Zebra. 

The jobs that are listed for my “Animal Jobs” are:

  • Cleaning Crew
  • Paper Passer
  • Recycling(garbage)
  • Table Cleaner
  • Supplies
  • Chair Stacker 
Starting on the first day of the week I assign new Animal Jobs. The way I have my jobs displayed are are taped to my door (I’m out of bulletin board space) with 3M Command Fridge Clips hung below each job title. This is so I can switch the animal cards weekly. The students know that the animal on the back of their chair corresponds with their weekly job. 
Throughout the day the Supplies and Paper Passers will gather materials and pass out papers for our lessons. They are in charge of prepping their table for our lessons/activities. This helps build a sense of community and responsibility among their peers. 

At the end of the day Table Cleaners wipe down our tables with clorox wipes, the Recycling students empty table trash cans, the chair stackers stack 3 chairs and then the Cleaning Crew sweeps under the tables. This helps build a sense of community because when students are in charge of cleaning they keep their area neat so they will not have extra work at the end of the day. 
I purchased my classroom sized garbage cans at Amazon, they are great and can be cleaned easily. I then color coded each garbage can with Gym Tape.  I use this Gym Tape to color code everything! I highly recommend table garbage cans. This is a great way to keep students in their seats. It keeps them from getting out of their chairs every minute with scrap paper. I learned this idea when I was student teaching from my 1st grade cooperating teacher and I will never not use this strategy!
I purchased my small dust pans for student to use to sweep at Amazon. I then used the same Gym Tape to color code them. The students love to sweep under their tables and are more conscientious of their snack messes.  

You can have my Animal Job pack for free by visiting my Facebook Page and clicking on the “Fan Freebies!” Tab

Next up on our blog hop is Ms. Lilypad’s Littles!

Getting Organized for the School Year with Binders ~ Freebie for Facebook Fans!

Back to school time is finally here and while I’m sad to say good-bye to my summer…
 photo sEqEwYY_zps84d9dec4.gif
However, I am happy to say i’ve finally got myself organized!
 photo FFdTxvL_zps1f075805.gif
From unorganized tubs to binders!
I will be going into my third year teaching and the phrase… “third times a charm” is ringing in my head. I finally feel that I’m ready to take on these little kinders with confidence! 
My big summer goal was to take all my storage tubs of centers and file folders and turn them into nice organized binders. I am absolutely loving my binders! I feel so accomplished. 
I now have all my themes, teacher documents, and centers nice and organized. I am so excited to start this year!
You can help yourself become organized too by purchasing my binder labels at TpT…
Or you can simply like Curriculum to the Core on Facebook to receive these binders for free!
Happy Back to School Season!