Habitat Animal Sort

In a few weeks we will be working on a farm unit in my kindergarten class. I am in the process of creating centers and worksheets and I have completed my first center.

In this center the students will sort the animal cards by where the animal lives. We will be focusing on animals and habitats later in the year and this center will help the student’s transition between the two themes.

In the pack:
7 different habitat cards
~African plains
~on the farm

Print, cut, and laminate the cards. Have students pull a card from the deck and place it under the correct setting. Each habitat card has 6 different animals for 42 cards total. 

The Common Core has yet to publish Science standards for  the elementary grades. I am using the tags from the Standard Aligned Systems (SAS) from Pennsylvania. They have adopted their standards from the common core. 
SAS tags:
  • 3.1.K.A5
  • 4.1.K.A:
Common Core “I Can Statements”
  •  I can sort and classify animals by their habitats.
  •     I can match animals by their homes.