Farm Phonics ~ CVC, CVCC, CCVC, and Bossy E Sounds

Phonics is a huge portion of the language Common Core Standards for lower grades. In this Phonics game students learn how to blend and segment short vowel CVC words, CVCC and CCVC words, and those ever so tricky Bossy E words. You can also use this game to differentiate instruction by breaking words from three sounds or four sounds depending on the level of your students.

I will be using this center during our farm theme at the end of the school year to help review words.

How to use:
Print, cut, and laminate all the picture cards, letter cards, and hen game boards.
Pick an image card and place it on the white box inside the hen. Find the appropriate egg letter cards to make the word.
Picture card:
The picture cards are divided into three different phonic skills. They are, CVC short vowel cards (green), CCVC and CVCC short vowel cards (yellow) and bossy/magic “E” cards (dark green)
Differentiated instruction for phonemic blends:
There are two different ways to play the CCVC cards.
Students can either separate the words by three or four sounds. Included in this pack are digraph eggs that match the CCVC cards. For example: Child picks the “ship” picture card. He or she can either use the three egg hen game board or the four egg game board depending on the level of the student. For the three egg card the student would put /sh/i/p/ for the four egg card each sound would be represented /s/h/i/p/. 

Common Core Stand Standards:

First Grade:

Habitat Animal Sort

In a few weeks we will be working on a farm unit in my kindergarten class. I am in the process of creating centers and worksheets and I have completed my first center.

In this center the students will sort the animal cards by where the animal lives. We will be focusing on animals and habitats later in the year and this center will help the student’s transition between the two themes.

In the pack:
7 different habitat cards
~African plains
~on the farm

Print, cut, and laminate the cards. Have students pull a card from the deck and place it under the correct setting. Each habitat card has 6 different animals for 42 cards total. 

The Common Core has yet to publish Science standards for  the elementary grades. I am using the tags from the Standard Aligned Systems (SAS) from Pennsylvania. They have adopted their standards from the common core. 
SAS tags:
  • 3.1.K.A5
  • 4.1.K.A:
Common Core “I Can Statements”
  •  I can sort and classify animals by their habitats.
  •     I can match animals by their homes.