5 Free & New ELA Christmas Resources for K-1

Here is a great resources from Two Pease in a Primary Pond. These are great quick print papers for your class. Students write about what presents they would like the most. There is also a picture sorting worksheet with one boy and one girl. 
This resources comes from ABCs and IEPs. There are 12 ready to print cards for your students to decorate for the holidays. You can also use these as a writing activity to practice letter writing.
This next freebie comes from Unforgettable First Grade. This is a great recourse to help students practice matching CVC words with cute stockings! 
I know my kindergarten students love any and all write the room centers! This one is free from Elizabeth Kallert. Visit her store for this great center.
My kindergarten students have a tricky time with Alphabetical order so this is a great product for them! Students build Christmas puzzles by alphabetizing Christmas vocabulary.  Grab this freebie from Miss Beck.
Marlie Rosenberg

Farm Phonics ~ CVC, CVCC, CCVC, and Bossy E Sounds

Phonics is a huge portion of the language Common Core Standards for lower grades. In this Phonics game students learn how to blend and segment short vowel CVC words, CVCC and CCVC words, and those ever so tricky Bossy E words. You can also use this game to differentiate instruction by breaking words from three sounds or four sounds depending on the level of your students.

I will be using this center during our farm theme at the end of the school year to help review words.

How to use:
Print, cut, and laminate all the picture cards, letter cards, and hen game boards.
Pick an image card and place it on the white box inside the hen. Find the appropriate egg letter cards to make the word.
Picture card:
The picture cards are divided into three different phonic skills. They are, CVC short vowel cards (green), CCVC and CVCC short vowel cards (yellow) and bossy/magic “E” cards (dark green)
Differentiated instruction for phonemic blends:
There are two different ways to play the CCVC cards.
Students can either separate the words by three or four sounds. Included in this pack are digraph eggs that match the CCVC cards. For example: Child picks the “ship” picture card. He or she can either use the three egg hen game board or the four egg game board depending on the level of the student. For the three egg card the student would put /sh/i/p/ for the four egg card each sound would be represented /s/h/i/p/. 

Common Core Stand Standards:

First Grade:

Earth Day Center ~ Sight Word Match and Memory

We are coming to the end of the school year and I made this center to help my students review their sight words! We will use these cards during our Earth Day themed literacy centers.This sight word cards are part of my Earth Day Unit (Found Here!)
 Print, cut, and laminate the cards.

Ways to use these cards:

1. Use the cards to play memory for a center. Have students flip the cards over and match them through the game memory.
2. Pick cards out of the pack that you are focusing such as the number words or color words. Play memory.
3. Print out the cards and hang them on the word wall
4. Have students sort the cards in ABC order for a center during Earth Day.
Use cards in a game of memory!
5. Print out multiple sets and let the student splay a game of “go fish”.
6. Hide the cards around the room for students to use during a write the room activity.

If there are any words you are focusing on that are not included in this pack, please send me a message with at least 3 new words and I’ll add them to the pack.

Common Core Standard Tags (Kindergarten)
Common Core Standard Tags (First Grade)
Common Core “I Can Statements”
  • I can recognize and read sight words.
  • I can recognize and read colored words.
  • I can recognize and read number words from one-ten.
  • I can recognize and match sight words. 
  • I can recognize and match colored words.
  • I can recognize and match numbers from one-ten.