The World Is in My Hands ~ Earth Day Freebie

 Earth Day is right around the corner. Decorate your classroom or your halls with this fun writing activity.

Take pictures of your students holding an inflatable globe or with a small globe. Print the pictures out and have them cut their silhouette. Have students write one or two sentences on how they can help the Earth. Have students color the background paper with blue and green. Students glue the paper and their picture on the background.

Click the image above for the freebie!

Earth Day Center ~ Sight Word Match and Memory

We are coming to the end of the school year and I made this center to help my students review their sight words! We will use these cards during our Earth Day themed literacy centers.This sight word cards are part of my Earth Day Unit (Found Here!)
 Print, cut, and laminate the cards.

Ways to use these cards:

1. Use the cards to play memory for a center. Have students flip the cards over and match them through the game memory.
2. Pick cards out of the pack that you are focusing such as the number words or color words. Play memory.
3. Print out the cards and hang them on the word wall
4. Have students sort the cards in ABC order for a center during Earth Day.
Use cards in a game of memory!
5. Print out multiple sets and let the student splay a game of “go fish”.
6. Hide the cards around the room for students to use during a write the room activity.

If there are any words you are focusing on that are not included in this pack, please send me a message with at least 3 new words and I’ll add them to the pack.

Common Core Standard Tags (Kindergarten)
Common Core Standard Tags (First Grade)
Common Core “I Can Statements”
  • I can recognize and read sight words.
  • I can recognize and read colored words.
  • I can recognize and read number words from one-ten.
  • I can recognize and match sight words. 
  • I can recognize and match colored words.
  • I can recognize and match numbers from one-ten.

Recyclable Math Sort ~ Addition and Subtraction

Earth Day is right around the corner and I’m very excited to start focusing on “going green!” with my kindergartners.

 To review math, the students will be practicing with this recycling addition and subtraction sort during our literacy and math centers. This center is part of my Earth Day Unit (found here). This center uses basic operations in addition and subtraction with products equaling 0-5.

Directions for center:
Print, cut, and laminate the addition and subtraction recyclables. Have students sort the recyclables by their answers.
This center includes:
  •       24 addition cards on glass, plastic, tin can, and milk carton recyclables.
  •       24 subtraction cards on glass, plastic, tin can, and milk carton recyclables.
  •       6 recycling bins with numbers 0-5 on them. 
t   Common Core Tags
Common Core “I Can Statements”