Community Helper Week in Kindergarten

One of my all time favorite units to teach in kindergarten is community helpers. Below you will find resources and ideas you can use in your own classroom. 

Something that I do during my community helpers unit is to reach out to the parents. I asked parents to bring in “tools of their trades” for us to use doing free play and centers. We had an overwhelming amount of donations from my classroom parents. 

I have a lot of parents in my classroom that are doctors or physicians. They gave us some hairnets, gloves, and face masks for the students to keep. they also lent us some stethoscopes, a reflex hammer, and a lab coat. The students enjoyed playing doctor and listening to each other’s hearts. I also gave the students Bruce (my classroom bear) to use as a patient. The students loved playing doctor and veterinarian. 

We also had a lot of parents bring in materials for baking. The students loved using our play kitchen materials with the real kitchen tools. We had a parent lend us a chef hat and an apron. 

The students really enjoyed playing with all the materials that the parents brought it; however, the science materials brought in from a parents Lab job was the biggest hit! We had them practice mixing colored water using lab tools. The students loved watching the colors change while practicing their scientist observation skills. 

Now you cannot have a community helpers unit in kindergarten without inviting a member of the community into the classroom. On the last day of our unit, the Salt Lake City PD came into both kindergarten classrooms to talk about their jobs and their responsibilities to the community.