Apples, Apples, and more Apples!

Our kindergarten classroom just finished our apple week and to celebrate we had an apple party!

Here are a few of the centers we worked on this week.

Rainbow Apples ~ Color Word Center
Students pull different color apple cards from a deck. They then select that color marker to trace “The apple is” for hand writing practice. The students then copy the color word from the card to fill in the blank.

Apple Lacing Center
Students worked on their fine motor skills this week by pretending to lace wiggly worms through different apples. The apples are labeled 1-6 with 1 being the easiest with the least amount of holes to 6 being the hardest with lots of holes.


Let’s Cook! ~ Apple Center
This was one of my favorite centers this week. Students used our pretend cooking set to “bake” different apple items. They followed recipe cards for apple pie, apple crisp, applesauce, and apple butter. They then record down how much of each item they used to make the apple dishes. The students loved pretending to cook delicious apple dishes. This was also a great math and following direction center.
Planting Seeds with Johnny Appleseed Center
Students used Gator Grabbers to work on their fine motor skills and math skills. Students glued apple seeds (I had a parent spray paint popcorn kernels black) unto their paper. They glued the number of seeds that the Johnny’s sign had posted.
Apple Write the Room
This is one of my student’s favorite centers. I hid cards around the room and they have to go on a “scavenger hunt” to find the cards and write down the secret clue on the back of the card. Because this is the beginning of the year I made the worksheet that correspond with the cards have a traceable print. The students LOVED this center.
Apple Letters
I created this center to help students with their writing and alphabet recognition. Students pull apple alphabet cards from a deck and use thin markers to trace the letter on their recording sheet. They trace the letter in the color that the card has the letter represented. They are the colors of apples, of course! Red, yellow, and green.
Apple Jacks Sight Word Center
To help practice the sight word “the” students used apple jacks and kid tongs to fill in the letters. Students loved the smell of their finished craft!
Apple Tasting
Of course we could not have an apple party without any apple tastings! We tried apple butter on crackers, apple juice, and made our own applesauce!





You can find all of these centers and more in my apple unit on