We Love Our Teachers Huge Giveaway

We are finally ready to open up our huge We Love Our Teacher Giveaway!

Everything in the picture is included in this huge giveaway. This giveaway also includes one $25 gift card to Target and one $25 gift card to Amazon.com

Follow all these wonderful TpT sponsors for chances to win! Giveaway ends on February 1st and the winner will be selected on February 2nd. Prizes will be shipped in time for the winner to receive everything for Valentine’s Day! Winners must be a teacher and must live in the US.

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We Love Our Teachers Giveaway Preview

I have paired up with some amazing TpT authors to bring this fabulous giveaway for our teachers that we love so much!

The giveaway will be live starting January 25th and end February 1st. The prizes will be mailed by February 2nd in order for the winner to receive everything in time for Valentine’s Day! I am sorry; however, this giveaway is only for US residents.

Here are the items in our giveaway!

Not pictured are two gift cards worth $25 to Target and Amazon





DIY Boxes for Macarons

Two months ago I took a french macaron class. I decided that homemade macarons would be great for homemade holiday presents!

I spent a few days looking for macaron boxes to wrap/store them. I could not find any boxes for a reasonable price. Most boxes I found (on Amazon) were close to $1 or more per a box! The boxes were also not that pretty, and with me… they need to be pretty!

Well, I decided that it would be in my best interest to figure out how to make my own boxes. After a few trials and errors with sizes, I figured out how to make the perfect box for my macarons.

I was browsing Micheals and I stumbled these two Hot Buy scrapbook papers on sale. I did not know what I was going to use them for; however, I’m very happy I picked these sets up. They were prefect for my macarons! I also used these boxes for homemade bath bombs. 
The first thing you need to do, is to cut the 12×12 sheets of paper into 8.5×12 to fit your printer. If you are in the market for a nice paper trimer, I HIGHLY recommend this WestCott Trimair. You can get it on amazon here.
The next thing you need to do is configure your printer to support the 12×8.5 paper.  In the PowerPoint document, click “print” then select “paper size.” You will need to make a custom size, enter in 12×8.5. You may need to also adjust your printers settings depending on your printer.
After some back and forth with your printer/document you ready to go! Make sure you place your card stock scrapbook paper graphic side up. You want to print the lines on the back of the card stock. Your paper should look like this:
Next you’ll want to cut all around the box lines. 
For this next part I used Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board and Envelope Tool. It is a great tool to have around for crafts. I scored all the lines and folded them on the scores. After scoring, cut to make the flaps. Look at picture to see what I mean. 
Once you have the lines folded and sides cut it is time to put on the adhesive. Place your adhesive of choice on the graphic side of the triangle flaps. My adhesive of choice is this scor-tape.

All that is left is for you to put the box together! Fold the sides in and adhere them to the inside of the box. 
Voila! You have a perfect box to store and gift your macarons!
I also used these boxes to hold my home made bath bombs! 
Look how cute these boxes turned out with that scrapbook paper. Way better than any expensive white box I could have gotten amazon. 

Marlie Rosenberg

Reindeer Drawings Kindergarten Art

This year I have found myself teaching art to two kindergarten classrooms. When I was asked to teach art I thought “sure, why not! I love crafts.” However, that it has not been the case. I have found out quickly that when you only have students once a week for 40 minutes it is almost impossible to do all the kindergarten crafts you did when you were a full time teacher

I am so very thankful that there are amazing art teachers on TpT. I have to give a huge shout out to First and Kinder Blue Skies! She has a wonderful Directed Drawing for the Entire School Year that has saved me!

This week for Christmas we did her reindeer directed drawing from her resource and they turned out incredible! We used oil pastels and colored construction paper. I am surprised how well these students do in art for only being 5 and 6!

Marlie Rosenberg

5 Free and New Math Christmas Resources for K-1

This is a great addition within 10 resources for k-1 students. Print this resource from KM Classroom and keep them on hand for early finishers or add them to your Christmas centers.
The next two math products both come from  Roo’s Trunk. The first one is a Mystery Picture 100 chart printable and math printables pack. 
If you are looking for a resource that incorporates a craft, then you’ll have to download this resource from Kate in Kinder
Download this resource from Mrs. Panda’s Classroom for fun math worksheets. I am always looking for fun ways to teach graphing with my kinders, and this would be great for them!

Marlie Rosenberg

5 Free & New ELA Christmas Resources for K-1

Here is a great resources from Two Pease in a Primary Pond. These are great quick print papers for your class. Students write about what presents they would like the most. There is also a picture sorting worksheet with one boy and one girl. 
This resources comes from ABCs and IEPs. There are 12 ready to print cards for your students to decorate for the holidays. You can also use these as a writing activity to practice letter writing.
This next freebie comes from Unforgettable First Grade. This is a great recourse to help students practice matching CVC words with cute stockings! 
I know my kindergarten students love any and all write the room centers! This one is free from Elizabeth Kallert. Visit her store for this great center.
My kindergarten students have a tricky time with Alphabetical order so this is a great product for them! Students build Christmas puzzles by alphabetizing Christmas vocabulary.  Grab this freebie from Miss Beck.
Marlie Rosenberg

Away in the Manger Craft

My students finished up their Away in the Manger Crafts this week in art. This is one of my favorite craftivitities with the kinders. It is a simple and quick prep lesson for anyone who works in a christian based school.

The following are pictures from last years class when I was a full time kindergarten teacher

In these pictures I was able to work in mall groups during centers and more time (hence the glitter.) 

Look at those little sneaky photo bombs! Top right and bottom left

Away in the manger craft - free
Away in the Manger Craft – Free

These pictures are from this year.

In these pictures I had to organize the craftivity to do as a whole group since I am only with each kindergarten class for 45 minutes a week. You can see the difference between the art work. The current kindergarten teacher is planning on adding glitter during their center time.

You can download this craft for free with my Nativity Freebie

Marlie Rosenberg